The human soul is; an independent individual in the form of a personality that is separate and separable from the human body... Personality is soul... Personality is separate and separable from the human body. The personality of a human-being is their soul. A personality is created from a copulation of two other personalities in a process that is referred to as human reproduction. Human reproduction is a process of blending characteristics from two people (one plus one) into one person. But... one plus one does not equal one. One plus one equals two. Therefore, one human-being basically has two of everything; two sides (a right and a left), two halves of a brain, two halves of a heart, two eyes, two ears, two nostrils, two cheeks, two sets of teeth (baby & adult, upper & lower), two legs, two arms, two hands, two feet, two thumbs, two index fingers, two pinky fingers, two middle fingers, two big toes, two little toes, two breasts, two lungs, two ovaries (or two testicles), two kidneys, and a split-personality. Every human-being is born with a split-personality but... A split-personality is precisely the mechanism that produces individuality and whereby, two really do become one. Reproduction is “the process of producing fresh organisms which develop into independent individuals”.

Individuality is “separate existence, distinct personality”.

Personality is “individual existence as a self conscious being, personal identity”.

Soul is “the personal entity of an individual regarded as separate and separable from the body; the non material part in man which thinks and wills”.

Every HUMAN has an invisible BEING living inside of them which they refer to as their person-ality. A personality is essentially an embryo that grows and develops inside of a person’s body and like a baby, it’s always hungry. But, personalities do not survive on food for flesh they survive on food for thought instead. For example; some personalities starve for attention, some thirst for knowledge, many are full of themselves and others are just full of it! The personality is connected to the physical body by an umbilical cord that is made up of senses; the five so-called human senses but with that being said, please understand that there are many extraordinary personalities that are managing to persevere with less than five. However, personality development ends when the human body dies. Since there is no physical evidence of life after death, most human-beings believe that the personality dies with the person. I believe that the plight of a human personality during physical death can be compared to that of a human fetus during childbirth because many do not survive the ordeal and so, for them birth... is death. Any human personality that is fit enough to survive the rigors of death will be born into the next life and any personality that is not fit enough, will not survive when the body finally gives-up the ghost. The only real difference between a fetus’s ability to survive birth and a personality’s ability to survive death is accountability. A human fetus is not accountable for its own survival but a human personality is accountable for its own survival. Personality is the reason why billions and billions of souls can be born from this world into the next but not a single one of them will ever be absolutely identical to another one. Personalities are like fingerprints, no two are alike and... the very same thing can be said about souls.

BIRTH: A person comes out of a human body and enters into this life.
DEATH: A personality comes out of a human body and enters into the next life.

BIRTH; A split-personality enters this world.
DEATH; A distinct-personality leaves this world.

 Mother Nature is not frivolous. New individuals are formed for a reason... for a function. Form follows function. Birth and death are phases of a naturally occurring multi-faceted function. Human reproduction creates a new split-personality that essentially battles with itself (ego, alter-ego) to establish individuality, defined as; distinct personality, which is the personal entity of an individual soul. Mortality is the body’s final attempt to complete its primary function which is to give birth to a distinct-personality that is, separate and separable from the human body. Distinct-personality is the flower of human being.

Being is the flow in existing
Flow is the being in flower
Distinct-personality is the flower of human being 
A journey from non-existence... To real-existence... To ethe-real existence
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 Belly Buttons & Gravestones
The womb is an alter-environment that produces offspring for this world and this world is an alter-environment that produces offspring for the world to come. Birth and death are transportation devices. Perhaps, there is no other way for a being to travel the great distance between non-existence and existence. Human-beings leave behind the only world that they have ever known and blindly enter into another totally different one when they are born and then, they repeat this remarkable process again when they die! In the last and finally act of separation from the only world that you have ever known; a cord is cut and the life support system that had sustained you since your beginning, completely shuts down. Incredibly, an entirely new life support system takes over. You catch a breath... and then... blindly enter into the unknown. All of this should sound familiar to you but it’s no wonder why you can’t remember being born, your mind lost consciousness when your throat was sliced by the physician who cut your umbilical cord (the cord of life that had sustained you since your beginning). Your mind lost consciousness in order to survive the trauma of birth just like it does during a bad accident. Birth, actually seems like death, to the one who is about to be born because in child bearing; there are many... that do not survive the ordeal.

Your BELLY BUTTON is proof that you had to survive death to get here!

You already survived death once and you have a scar to prove it. Your Belly Button is a symbol of your past-life and the mark of an extraordinary survivor. You were given a Belly Button on your birthday as a gift from Mother Nature to remind you of your own remarkable nature.

As strange as it may seem, human bodies are transportation devices. You came out of your mother’s body when you were born and you will come out of your own body when you die.

 A human body brought your personality (you) into this world and a human body will release your personality (you) from it.

Human-beings are truly remarkable and that is why we use two words instead of only one to describe ourselves as a species. We use the term “Human-Being to define ourselves because there are two separate parts to our nature.

The HUMAN part of Human-Nature is the visible outer-person which most people refer to as; “The Body”.

The BEING part of Human-Nature is the invisible inner-person which most people refer to as; “The Personality”.

A human-being’s outer person is made of matter but the inner person-ality is not. A physician can not find a human-being’s personality with a scalpel or a microscope because it is made of non-physical matter. Your personality was essentially made from two other personalities so in one sense you were born with a split-personality (ego, alter-ego). Developing your split-minded personality into a single-minded one is the purpose of your life.

Your personality is growing inside of you, like a fetus in a womb and its developing and changing every minute of the day. In fact, you are not the same person today as you were yesterday or, for that matter, even an hour ago.

A human-being’s personality growth ends when death begins.

Death separates the non-physical part of a human-being’s nature from the physical part. In other words, death separates the personality from the person, or the ego from the non-ego.

If, your newly formed personality is strong enough to survive death then you will once again be born into another new life.

You faced death once before and found out that there was life beyond the womb. If your personality is healthy enough to survive then you will discover that there is also life beyond the tomb. Where else would new-born beings for the non-physical, “world to come”... come from?

A person’s personality can survive once all five of the human senses are totally cut-off but it must be properly prepared in order to do so.

 Prepare Your Personality for The World To Come
A human fetus doesn’t need a nose or a mouth because it receives oxygen and food through an umbilical cord so why does a fetus develop these characteristics in the womb? As it turns out these non-essential characteristics become absolutely vital to the fetus’s survival once it is outside of the womb (birth). On the other hand, a human doesn’t need morals, virtues or values because it survives on air, food and water so why does a human-being develop these characteristics in this life? As it turns out, ethereal characteristics become absolutely vital to a human-being’s personality once it is outside of the body (death). I am not able to prove this theory but I am not able to disprove it ether.

A personality develops ethereal characteristics by reacting to ideas. If an individual likes an idea then a thought never crosses that person’s mind to question it. On the other hand, if an individual doesn’t like an idea than a thought, crosses that person’s mind to question it and the battle to re-establish individuality in the personality flares-up in a flurry of opposing thoughts. This confirms my understanding of the competing principles of altruism and egoism in the personality of a human-being and the purpose. Altruism is a governing principle of the Alter-Ego. Egoism is a governing principle of the Ego. Thoughts in the mind of a human-being are created by the ego and the alter-ego which are motivated by competing principles of altruism and egoism whereby, both sides are seeking to establish individuality which is the distinct-personality of a soul. Both sides seek to establish control of the soul.

NON-EGO (Webster Dictionary circa 1957)
1)    That which is external to the ego or personality.

EGO (Webster Dictionary circa 1957)
1)    That part of the individual that thinks consciously; contrasted with non-ego.

ALTER-EGO (Webster Dictionary circa 1957)
1)    One’s other self.

ALTRUISM (Webster Dictionary circa 1957)
1)    The principle of putting the interests of others before one’s own interests.

EGOISM (Webster Dictionary circa 1957)
1)    Selfishness, concentration of mind on one’s own interest and advantage.

A human-being is matter; that possess, consciousness, free will and will-power... but only for a limited amount of time. Any physical object (matter) that has the power to take in through the senses and to understand knowledge of its existence and that of the external world possesses consciousness. If that object has the faculty of controlling its thoughts and actions; of determining and directing the actions of its mind or body, then it possesses will. If that object can impose influence and controlling force on itself, or others then it possesses will-power. Some human-beings believe that all matter possesses consciousness and perhaps they are right but all matter does not possess will-power and we can be sure of that.  Matter that is able to understand knowledge of its existence and that of the external world but can not impose influence and controlling force on itself or others possesses consciousness but not will-power. A stone is matter that does not possess will power.

Consciousness stimulates ideas which stimulate thoughts to provide choices which require decisions. The whole process works to create character (a combination of characteristics) in a person which is defined as distinct-personality. Let me put it to you this way, you won’t have a body in the next life if you don’t develop a character in this life.

CHARACTER (Webster Dictionary circa 1957)
1)    Distinguishing mark, essential quality, individual peculiarity.
2) The sum or aggregate of moral; traits, idiosyncrasies, features, qualities which distinguish an individual or a race.
3)    Personality

ACQUIRED (Webster Dictionary circa 1957)
1)    Of a quality or trait attained by practice or experience, distinct from what is inherited, innate, or natural.
2)    Mental or physical characteristics gained through influence of environment and not inherited from parents.

Soul Is Acquired and Not Inherited. In other words, distinct-personality is acquired and not inherited. Life is not a dress-rehearsal. I think that the risk vs. reward ratio in human existence is totally appropriate when I really consider what is at stake. Unprepared personalities end up like leaves from a tree which are absorbed back into the environment after they fall and a prepared personality is like a seed that must die before it can grow. Gardeners call the process germination. I call it resurrection!

A conscience is the only thing in nature that can resolve to evolve (Ed Buley).

 “A major aspect of human dysfunction is an illusionary sense of self that is based on unconscious identification with one’s thoughts”. “A transformation of consciousness is the next step in human evolution”. An essential aspect of this awakening consists in transcending our ego-based state of consciousness”. (Eckhart Tolle)

 “A spiritual teacher does not have anything to teach in the conventional sense of the word, does not have anything to add or give to you, such as new information, beliefs, or rules of conduct. The only function of such a teacher is to help you remove that which separates you from the truth... the words are no more than signposts” (Eckhart Tolle)

Eckhart Tolle is: The #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of two enlightening and inspirational books that were recently promoted by Oprah Winfrey and Oprah’s Book Club. Eckhart Tolle is a contemporary spiritual teacher who travels throughout the world speaking about his message. In 2008, A New York Times writer called Tolle “the most influential spiritual author in The United States”. In 2011, The Watkins Review put Eckhart Tolle at #1 in a list of the “100 most Spiritually Influential Living People”.

Eckhart Tolle tells of how he was searching for answers in his life when he experienced a life changing epiphany and underwent an “inner transformation” at age 29 that led to the total collapse of his mind-made self (ego) along with its heaviness and its problems. Tolle stopped studying for his doctorate after his epiphany, and for a period of about two years he spent much of his time sitting on park benches in a state of bliss watching the world go by. He began talking to others about his transformational experience and about what he was learning because of it. This led Eckhart Tolle to a life of lecturing and eventually to authoring some wonderful bestselling books.

I believe that the human dysfunction that Eckhart Tolle so eloquently talks about in his books is exactly what a human-being must overcome in order for their personality to survive physical death. I also believe that Eckhart Tolle’s message is extremely valuable to an individual that is seeking to produce a healthy personality, for whatever reason. Eckhart Tolle’s books are absolutely worth reading, immediately. Eckhart Tolle is the author of A NEW EARTH and THE POWER OF NOW.

Eckhart Tolle speaks a lot about bliss and happiness but I think that it is important to realize that bliss and happiness are just a means to a new beginning and not an end to life’s purpose and I believe that he mentions that. Spirituality will not always alleviate pain and suffering. “Spirituality didn’t help Jesus Christ avoid the cross but it sure did help him with the resurrection” (Quote by Ed Buley)

“And the prize they seek to capture consists not of such trifles as a pot of gold, or a few fleeting moments of glory, but rather enlightenment in the here and now which is the greatest thing that a human-being can achieve”.  (Quote by John Stevens in The Marathon Monks of Mount Hiei).

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